KYBOS management system

In 2009, UNIS COMPUTERS launched the KYBOS management system on the market. The purpose of this software rests in enabling the easy and transparent processing of company data. KYBOS generates comprehensive and complete information from all company data sources at the same time. All its users appreciate its simplicity and intuition. Every day, it helps managers at all levels to make important decisions. Today, hundreds of satisfied users and dozens of satisfied companies use KYBOS.

It's the best way to get all required company data in an easy way, in the right time, and at one place. In a lot of companies, this data is extracted from different locations and sources. It is often not easy to see the data clearly and then evaluate or compare it, and that can cost a company a considerable amount of money.

In addition, the preparation of data for reports, which are the basis for correct decisions, is repeated in regular intervals and, therefore, costs and time demands are constantly growing. Along with manual data updates, such a way of working is really expensive and not effective. Furthermore, a manual compilation could be negatively affected by human error rate.

That's why we developed the KYBOS management system, a simple and intuitive tool for effective company management. Necessary and current information from all corporate sources is available here, with a single mouse click. The system outputs eliminate the human error rate. In developing KYBOS, UNIS COMPUTERS utilised many years of experience in the ERP systems development area.

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