custom-made HW areaCustom-made HW area



Analysis of your HW

We will analyse your existing IT equipment, such as disk systems, backup systems, PC workstations, laptops, and more. This will give you an overview of the HW status, performance, and other important information.

Customised HW designs based on their use

We will design and recommend the right IT components and technology units to best serve the purpose for which you need to utilise them. A high-quality IT design will save you a lot of worries and costs. We especially design configurations for servers, disk systems, backup systems, PCs, laptops, and more.

HW implementation

Based on the design and specified requirements, we will configure servers, disk arrays, backup systems, PC work stations. Prior to commissioning, we will test everything and optimally set it up to exactly match the intended use for which the components are designed.

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