UNIS COMPUTERS is a renowned IT company with more than 20 years of experience, a wide range of services, and a team of over 70 top professionals. UNIS COMPUTERS is one of the leading IT companies in the Czech Republic. Our competences start with the designs and implementations of ICT infrastructure, through the creation of state-of-the-art IT units as data centres, to provision of data security. The strength of UNIS COMPUTERS rests in a wide range of services, long-term client care, and premium after-sales care. Our clients are mid-size and large businesses operating in a wide variety of fields, including universities, hospitals, and other public sector institutions. We are a strong, long-term, and dependable partner who will take care of highly efficient IT solutions for all.

Latest technologies and unique know-how

As a partner of major HW and SW vendors, we will always provide you with state-of-the-art technologies and facilities with the maximum technical support. Our core services include ICT infrastructure solutions, designs, deliveries, and installations of servers, data storage, active network elements, and network operating systems, including services. An important part of UNIS COMPUTERS rests in the development and implementation of its own PRYTANIS information system and the KYBOS management system.

We are trusted by hundreds of companies

clients appreciate our professionalism and flexibility and the high quality of supplied solutions. We meet deadlines, honour our promises, and accommodate the individual needs of the particular client. That is why UNIS COMPUTERS has the trust of more than 3,000 clients across the Czech Republic, some of whom have been using our services for over 20 years.