power backupBackup power supply

For clients who want to eliminate all IT power outages and associated increased costs, we have developed a comprehensive backup power supply solution. We process the designs to match specific requirements. After that, we implement these projects and maintain them in the long run.

Backup power supply: Backup power supply with central management

Safe and stable power supply backup begins with a high-quality project and a choice of proven UPS devices. We will then put the complete solution into operation. Long-term maintenance is also a part of this solution. A suitable variant for all entities that need to completely resolve and eliminate IT outages in the event of a power supply failure. Users of this solution save considerable funds in relation to power outages.

HW SW One-time services Long-term services
UPS (Eaton, APC, Emerson) with an SNMP card HW components Design, installation, configuration,
Basic IT administrator training
- Regular monthly inspections in the X hour range (inspections of logs, settings)
- Once a year a battery capacity inspection, updates of FW, HW in the X hour range
- Monitoring of availability, statuses, etc.

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