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Automatic HW renewal

If you wish to avoid large one-time HW investments, this service is designed for you. In regular intervals, we will automatically replace your HW with a new one. Every hour when IT is out of service or a company stops running costs a considerable amount of money. A guarantee of HW functionality for 5 years with an automatic renewal after 3 years. In regular intervals, we will also exchange HW for a new, more powerful one. Therefore, your HW will always be powerful. HW replacement work is, of course, included in the service price.

Professional IT consulting

We provide professional IT consulting based on more than 20 years of experience and our professional team of more than 70 highly qualified staff members.

Personal data protection

We provide our clients with a high-quality audit per the current effective legislation in the Czech Republic and the EU (for example, GDPR). We will help with keeping you aligned both organisationally and technically and protect the personal data of your employees and customers.

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